Parlux PAR4182 Professional 3800 Traveler Hair Dryer

Parlux PAR4182 Professional 3800  Travelers Hair Dryers lies in the category of best hair dryers. It is 2100 watt ionic and ceramic dryer. Its design is highly compatible with salon.

This is a highly compact appliance having recycled plastic used for manufacturing the outer body of this greenish good looking dryer. It provides ultra fast drying speed which ensures less amount of power or electricity is used while drying. Here are its main features.

Efficient Settings

This product allows the user to select from four different temperature settings in order to get the exactly desired results. Also, it provides two different speed levels for enhanced performance.

Easily Affordable

This is a terrific device that is available at competitive price. You can easily afford it and surely, this product will provide you tremendous performance and it will meet your expectations.

Easy to Carry and Use

This appliance is extremely well balanced due to the fact that its weight is in the body not in the handle. As a result, you feel highly comfortable when using it. Although the cord is a bit short, but doesnt bothers you a lot while employing it.

Enhanced Power and Heat

When a user purchases this product, he or she gets both heat and power wrapped together in a small package. This appliance is well insulated for noise and heat. It provides you terrific drying in much little time.