Twin Turbo 3500 Travel Hair Dryer

Twin Turbo 3500 is one of the best travel hair dryer available in the market. It is an ionic and ceramic travel hair dryer which incorporates light weight and highly compact design.

Due to its ergonomic, it provides convenient drying experience. It employs ultra power which significantly reduces your styling and drying time. Following are the main features of this appliance.

When traveling the dryer has become an almost indispensable item especially among women. The incorporation of a dryer  into our luggage will allow us to maintain a good image during our trip and will avoid having to be aware of whether the hotel or apartment where we are going to stay or does not have a hairdryer.

Dual Impact

This small travel hair dryer employs combined effect of ceramics along with the negative ions which radiates heat inside hair but at the same time preventing the hair from drying out. The drops of water are transformed into very small molecules which can easily be absorbed by the hair. As a result, the user enjoys healthy, shiny and soft hair.

One Year Warranty

Twin Turbo 3500 is the travel hair dryer which comes with one year warranty. This can be considered as an another reason for having enhanced trust on this product.

travel hair dryer

Long Cord

This product incorporates highly flexible reasonably long cord which makes it very easy and convenient to operate it. As a result, you feel much comfortable while using it for drying or styling.

Customizable Settings

This travel hairdryers allows you to choose from four different temperature settings and two distinct speeds. Therefore, you can control the output and set it in such a way that is highly well suited for your task or requirement.

Two Nozzles

Twin Turbo 3500 travel hair dryer incorporates two different nozzles, one of which is extremely well suited for applying various type of styling while the other one is ideal for fast drying. Therefore, you can employ this hair dryer for styling and drying with full confidence and trust.